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News - Letters from Camp Grace Hopper

Our two 2010 Tech Trek girls sent letters from Camp Grace Hopper at Stanford. (Do you know who Grace Hopper is? If not, Google her, she's amazing. Here's a quote "The most damaging phrase in the language is:'It's always been done that way.'")

Enjoy the letters!!

Dear Pacifica AAUW,

Thank you for selecting me for Tech Trek at Stanford. It has been a wonderful learning experience. I have learned (a) how to extract DNA from strawberries and myself, (b) how to build and program a robot, (c) what careers are available in Math and Science, and how Pixar makes their movies. I have also learned binary code among other things.

Along with the academic benefits, I have also made new friends and experienced a small taste of college life. If not for your generosity, I would not have met any of the wonderful girls here, even the other girl you sent. Thank you again for the opportunity to be here.

Yours Truly, KP


Dear Pacifica Branch AAUW,

This opportunity has met the world to me. I can’t explain enough how grateful I am to have been chosen for this camp. I have learned so much more than I had known before and it is all because of you.

I have met so many friends of different religions and nationalities and it has made me realize that all of these young ladies are going to go so far in life all around the world. One of my classes which was my core class has taught me that math is not just numbers but it is also logic and so much more. Thanks to you I have had the opportunity to learn that.

The Exploratorium was a lot of fun. I learned so many new things while there. Another one of my favorite things to do this week was experience the dorm life. I have gotten really close with the girls in my dorm and it is great.

Thank you again for choosing me to go to this camp. It may seem like a small decision, but to me, it is a positive experience I will remember for the rest of my life for which I am grateful.

Sincerely Yours, CE

To learn more about the AAUW Stanford Tech Trek program Click HERE

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